Friday, June 12, 2009

Turn Out The Lights

This has been a great NBA/NHL playoff season with both having multiple exciting games. I can't remember a better one in recent year. It is over though for sure after tonight. Game 7 should be a great hockey game tonight if the Penguins defense shows up. If not look for it to be a blow out again.

The Lakers could easily be down 3-1 right now with a mulligan on the Courtney Lee lob at the end of regulation in Game 2 and the entire Magic team making a couple free throws in Game 4.

What the hell is going on with these birds during night games in Cleveland? Coco can't make any excuses because he has a poop arm anyway and wouldn't have thrown the runner out. Maybe it's the reincarnation of Dick Jacobs! Red Sox continue to pown the evil empire.

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gatek99 said...

hey do you do any coverage on local sports in youngstown?